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Anthology Leader Resources

Our goal in this series is to teach the Old Testament in such a way that it equips and motivates our people to study and meditate on God’s Word in groups and in their personal time with Jesus. Jesus tells us in Luke 24 that the entire Old Testament is really about Him and His saving work. We want to train our people to see the glory of Christ in the Old Testament for their ongoing spiritual vitality and we want you to help us lead the charge in this. To help you lead well we've created some materials to help facilitate group time. 

Study Guides

During this series, we would like for a large portion of your LifeGroup time to be spent studying God’s Word together as a LifeGroup. So each week, instead of our usual LifeGroup Discussion Questions, we will use these study guides to help your group to study a specific passage that is in the same section of the Old Testament as the passage that was taught on that Sunday.   

Leader Guides

We have created leader guides as a 'cheat sheet' for leaders to help guide group discussion. We understand that this might be unfamiliar territory for leaders and want to help ensure success. These leader guides are to help you guide discussion, they are not intended to be read off word for word in a monologue teaching style. 

Video Tutorials

Because we are asking you to switch up the style of your LifeGroup time, we created a few videos to explain how to teach and discuss the material. Each video will start off with about two minutes of instruction then footage from one of Ant's bible studies, which we are modeling group time after. We highly suggest watching at least the first ten minutes of each video.

Quick Tips for LifeGroup Leaders

Each week we want to give you a few quick tips to help you lead your LifeGroups well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that study the Old Testament can bring up a lot of questions. Throughout the series we will be posting our answers to some of the questions that you may have.  

Theology of Sex Leader Resources

Our Theology of Sex series kicks off January 17 2016 at all churches. We want you as a leader to maximize the usefulness of the series. In an effort to accomplish that, we have provided links to three things on this page:

  • Study Guides. As we've done with many series in the past, we will offer discussion questions for your group time following each sermon. Use these questions to dig in, prompt discussion, and keep it centered on the gospel.
  • Leader Guides. Each week, we'll also offer leader guides that correspond to the study guides to help you navigate your group through the discussion.
  • Cheat Sheet. Throughout the series, your group members may have questions about things we haven't covered yet in the series, or that we won't get to cover. Use the cheat sheet to get a preview of where we're headed later in the series, and to help find answers to questions you're not sure of.

Study Guides

Study Guides

Grassroots Kingdom Tools

Grassroots Kingdom Covenant Documents:

  • Convenant Template - use this template as a guide while creating your covenant with your LifeGroup.
  • Final Covenant Submission Form - click this link to be directed to the form where you will submit your final LifeGroup covenant.
  • Covenant Evaluation Process/Form - this document is the recommended process for evaluating and improving your group covenant. Ideally, this would happen at least once a year in each group.

Grassroots Kingdom Charts:

Grassroots Kingdom Book: PDF

LifeGroup Training Material:

New Leader Resources



Catalog of Articles:

Below are some important articles divided into seven categories. In accordance with your first year training calendar, choose an article and submit your feedback on this form.

Bible and Prayer

Authority and reliability of scripture

How to study the Bible


Prayer Life


Gospel Fluency


Religion, Rebellion, Relationship

Gospel vs. Law

The Story of God



Ordinary Christians

Group on Mission


Addressing skeptics, apologetics, atheists, reason for God

FOMO (fear of missing out)




Suffer for Jesus, Countercultural, not being popular


Burden of leadership

Leading with repentance

Prayer life of a leader

Practical leadership

Pastoral Care








Sex and being single

Frequency in marriage

Sexual abuse