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Read Luke 12:22-34

  • Do you have any external barriers to generosity? What are they? (Examples include: not having a budget, not sticking to a budget, your income fluctuating, unforeseen expenses.)

  • What are your internal barriers to generosity? (Examples include: apathy, fear, lack of trust, a desire for control.)

  • What does your money reveal that your heart is most attached to?

  • What does repentance look like to fight against your internal barriers? (Examples could include: practicing thankfulness with what God’s given you already, finding contentment in all circumstances rather than comparing yourself to others, giving more generously, etc.)

  • What specific steps can you take this week to be more generous? Make a plan to do it. (Examples can include: making a budget, signing up for recurring giving, increasing your giving, etc.)

  • Even as you talk about your plan out loud, what are your internal resistances?

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