Kids & Parents Weekend Recap & Resources

Our goal with Kids & Parents Weekend is to equip parents to lead Jesus-centered families. We started the weekend with a Parent's Night Out on Friday to allow parents a night of rest. On Saturday we threw a Parenting Seminar, followed by breakout sessions. Lastly, we wrapped up the weekend with a family-friendly Gathering. You can watch the seminar below and grab all of the worksheets and materials from the weekend.

Breakout Sessions & Materials:

Session #1: 

Below is a video of the main session followed by a breakout session led by Jon Ludovina and Chris Cook. You can find the referenced handout below. 


In this breakout session Director of Kids and Families, Laura Jones teaches how to create a family culture where God is known and enjoyed through spiritual disciplines. You can find the audio and the referenced handout below. 


In this breakout session, Steve Von Fange explains a helpful parenting tool called The Road to Independence Chart. You can listen to the session and download the worksheets below. 


If you have any questions about Kids and Parents Weekend, and of the sessions, or our Kidtown ministry feel free to email Laura Jones here