5 Reasons Sunday Gatherings are Important

As a church, we seek to be the church by gathering corporately on Sundays, and by gathering in LifeGroups in each other’s homes.  We do this to follow the biblical model of the early church seen in Acts 2:42-47. For a long time, we have correctly emphasized the need for Jesus-centered community through small groups, in some part to fight the ever-popular “Sunday-only” mentality about church in our culture. We have not spent as much time explaining the biblical reasons for our Sunday worship gatherings. Sunday gatherings are both important and incomplete.  So, here are 5 reasons Sunday gatherings are important.

  1. Jesus and early church leaders preached to large gatherings On multiple occasions throughout Scripture we see Jesus and Peter addressing thousands of people at once. Paul also often taught to large gatherings of people on a regular basis. Christians have been gathering in large groups to worship and teach Scripture ever since the church began. If Jesus, Peter, and Paul consistently gathered in large groups; it seems important enough that we should too.
  2. Gospel proclamation God is a preaching God; using His word ever since creation to enact change in the world. Throughout Scripture God has chosen to speak through the mouths of men to His people. Sunday gatherings give us a great opportunity to continue to faithfully proclaim God’s word and the message of the gospel.
  3. Unity As we try to be the church through LifeGroups on mission, Sunday gatherings give us the opportunity to unify under Christ as we pursue His mission. We gather together as the church to unify all of our LifeGroups under the gospel, committing together to continue to pursue God’s mission with Him.
  4. Corporate Worship Sunday gatherings give us the opportunity to worship God together through giving, singing, and teaching. As Paul instructs both the Ephesian and Colossian church to address each other in “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” gathering together each week allows us to address on another and God to address us through worship.
  5. Mission Sunday gatherings continue the mission of God. We are able to proclaim the gospel and introduce people to Jesus-centered family each time we gather to worship and proclaim the name of Jesus. Gathering allows us to host our city well as we pursue Jesus-centered family on mission loving and serving the city with the gospel.

Tomorrow we'll post part 2, "5 Reasons Why Sunday Gatherings Are Incomplete."