10 More Ways to Spot Pride in Your Life (21-30)


In keeping with our current series on Humility, we've been posting practical ways to spot pride and cultivate humility in your life. Below you'll find 10 more ways to spot pride. If you've missed the previous two posts, you can find #1-10 here, and #11-20 here. 21. Do you have a hard time admitting you're wrong? Do you often find yourself covering up, excusing, or soft-selling your sin instead of admitting it?

22. Do you have a hard time receiving correction? Do you find yourself jabbing back, changing the subject, or joking to redirect attention after someone calls you out? Do you view correction as an invasion to your privacy and dismiss the person correcting you as being invasive?

23. Do you end up resenting people who correct you? Instead of responding with gratefulness whens someone helps you see sin in your life, do you often get bitter and withdraw from the relationship? Do you respond by dwelling on their faults, whether it's internally or verbally toward them?

24. Are you constantly finding yourself in conflicts with others? Do you have a hard time getting along with most people? Do people regularly tell you they "struggle" with you?

25. Do you have little esteem or respect for others? Do you think lowly of people? Do you have a hard time complimenting or honoring others?

26. Are you self-willed and/or stubborn? Do you have a hard time cooperating with others? Do you love your own way and insist on getting it?

27. Are books and sermons consistently "too shallow for you?" Do you regularly dismiss teaching through various mediums because you consider yourself too mature to learn from them?

28. Is it hard for you to learn from people different from you? Discernment is a good thing, but do you refuse to learn from anyone that isn't exactly like you, just because they're different?

29. Are you quick to speak? Is your voice always your favorite voice in the room?

30. Do you constantly find yourself wanting to impress people? Do you use clothes, possessions, money, talents, and the like to point to yourself and draw compliments from others?