10 More Ways to Spot Pride in Your Life (11-20)

Here's 10 more ways to spot pride in your life. If you missed the previous post, you can find it here. To follow along with our sermon series on Humility, find the podcasts here.

  1. Are  you prayerless? If you are slow to pray, you're believing the lie that you are self-sufficient. You aren't moved to prayer because you believe you can handle whatever it is by taking matters into your own hands.
  2. Do you hate asking for help? If you need help with something, but won't admit it or ask for it because you "don't want to be a burden." Often pride masks itself with fake selflessness.
  3. Are you easily offended? If you're always offended, it screams of an "I deserve better" attitude. When people make fun of you, is your first instinct to jab back? When you are forgotten, neglected, or overlooked, do you sting back or respond with passive aggressive comebacks?
  4. Do you fish for compliments? Again, sometimes pride wears a humility disguise. Do you go to people and say "I'm really not good at this," just hoping they'll disagree and pay you a compliment?
  5. How much do you compare yourself to others? This can take all different forms: looks, possessions, abilities, talents, religious performance, morality, income, job performance, and most anything else. Most always, comparison is a way to puff up pride in yourself.
  6. Do you use social media to draw attention to yourself? Fishing for laughs, retweets, 'likes,' pity, sympathy, argument, or love via Facebook and Twitter are easy ways to walk in pride and avoid walking in community.
  7. Do you love expressing your opinion? Feeling like your required to give your opinion and answer for every question and every subject says "people can't survive without knowing what I think on this." My opinion is as valid, if not more valid than everyone else's (Proverbs 18:2).
  8. Are you unkind or harsh? Being insensitive towards others often indicates an understanding that they aren't worth your time or effort.
  9. Is it hard to admit you don't know something? If you consistently make up answers on the spot rather than saying "I don't know," it usually indicates a "must hold it all together" attitude, or pride.
  10. How often do you interrupt? Do you regularly interrupt people before they finish a thought so that you can express yours?