Mind Mapping


Downloadable/printable version

Oftentimes, it’s easy to approach the Lord in introspective prayer and struggle to put thoughts into words. The mind map is a simple tool to help you with just that.

There’s no “right way” to use this tool; simply look through the categories the mind map lists out and see if it sparks anything going on in your life right now. These categories may even help you think of other categories that aren’t listed on the tool. If that’s the case, write those thoughts down too.

As you finish writing out everything that’s going on in your mind, take this to God in prayer. Remember no matter what you’re going through He’s sovereign, so He can handle whatever it is. At the same time, God is good, so He delights to hear you in prayer.

  • What stood out to you after using this tool?

  • Is there anything going on with that you can be letting others in on?