Yes, and It's Awesome | A Poem

This past Sunday in our Gatherings, we featured another poem about marriage before the sermon. Here's the lyrics: It all started with, “Hey, my name is Ant. Nice to meet you.” Later it was, “Here’s my number. Feel free to use it, ya know, if you ever need to.” And when we were on the phone, I was thinkin, “Dang, I would really like to see you.” And one day it hit me like, “Man, I think she might really like me too.”

Spent some time learning about her character Cus I only wanted to date if there was a chance I would marry her. So after ‘bout a year of dating, I did it. I asked her. Down on one knee, in front of friends, with thoughts of decades together after.

And amid our friends screaming, crying, and laughter… “Yes” … The answer was, yes!  That’s awesome!

Many questions arise like: Which dress is the right dress? Do you think I should wear a vest? Aren’t outside weddings the best? Wait, so now we can talk about sex? Yes…the answer was, yes!  That’s awesome!

Budget. Can we afford this? Arguments. You wanna spend that much on adornment? Compromise. Our future would have much more of this.

And then, “I do.” until death do us part. Ring on my finger, love in my heart.

An imperfect man, trying to imitate the perfect love of Christ. Difficult. Two sinners trying to share life, But rewarding, sharing ups and downs, valleys and heights, Privileged to know that I see Jesus in the actions of my wife. And He’s transforming me with loving rebukes when I wrongly think that I’m right.

She’s, gracious to me even when I’m arrogant and slow to say I’m wrong. And even when it feels like our marriage isn’t going the way I want … she looks me in the eye and tells me that she loves me. After we’ve just argued and I’m still upset, she hugs me.

Haven't been married for 2 years now, not claiming to be a guru. And if you’re married, we probably have some of the same struggles and sins as you do. Here’s hoping you apply the gospel to those struggles. Do you?

For thousands of sins you've committed, Jesus forgives you! If you keep that in mind, it enables you to forgive too. So, how do you respond when the one you love offends you? Do you forget about your own sin, when your spouse sins against you? What if your spouse brings up a sin you need to admit to Does your proud heart get angry, and try to defend you? Or do you rest in the acceptance of He who is your Savior and friend too?

See, applying the gospel digs to the root of the problems that are seen on the surface And one thing I have learned is that the gospel really does give this union purpose. Marriage is to display to us what the union of Christ and His church is. And its great because even when our attempts to display Him aren’t perfect, We’re reminded by the gospel that we’re trying to display that God’s acceptance of us isn’t based on our works. Its Based on the righteousness of Christ, and we could never earn it.

So with all the difficulties of marriage, does the opportunity to display the glory of Christ make it all worth it?

Yes…the answer is yes. It’s awesome!

This poem is part of our series, A Marriage You'd Actually Want.