Why Don't We Have Gatherings on Super Bowl Sunday?

The Super Bowl has become an event almost like any other in American culture. Over 100 million Americans will gather to watch the game, with countless more using the game as an excuse to throw a party and be with friends and family.  Along with major holidays, the Super Bowl is one the few events that brings our entire country together.  As missionaries in our neighborhoods and city, it seems to be good practice to take advantage of the Super Bowl phenomenon instead of fighting against it.  If Americans are that excited to have parties and watch the game (and maybe more so, watch the commercials) then we want to leverage it for Jesus’ sake. Church is not an event we attend, but rather a group that we belong to.  So, on Super Bowl Sunday we encourage our church family to throw parties or attend friend’s parties and use the day as a chance to build relationships with neighbors.   There are 100,000 people within five miles of the state capitol in downtown Columbia that do not know Jesus and we want to take advantage of every opportunity that God brings our way in order to see that number shrink.  This is one of those opportunities.

This year, Midtown will be hosting a Super Bowl party for our homeless friends at the Winter Shelter, as well as hosting a party for middle and high school students and their families.  If you are interested in attending or being involved with either of these parties, you can find more information about the the party at the Winter Shelter here, or the Student Superbowl Party here.