What Happens at Kidtown?

Volunteers take pies to the face. That’s what really goes on in Kidtown. Now, before you decide to take your family elsewhere where the volunteers seem more sane, let us explain. One week at Kidtown, a volunteer provided one of our children with a pie. The child was told she could do anything she wanted with the pie--anything at all. So as expected, the child soon returned the pie to the volunteer's face. Then a second pie was brought out. The volunteer made it clear that "I now get to do whatever I want with MY pie." As the kids all chanted for revenge, another Kidtown volunteer walked up, intercepted the pie, and slammed it into his own face.

The volunteer then explained that the just thing would be for the young girl to take a pie in the face from the volunteer. It’d only be fair payback. But, Tim, the male volunteer, steps in and takes what the girl deserved. Becca teaches the class that this is grace and this is exactly what Jesus did for us. Though it might look like just a bunch of volunteers entertaining kids with silly antics, something much more is being displayed.

Kidtown exists to teach your kids that Jesus is the hero we all need. Kidtown wants to lay the foundation of the good news of Jesus for families to build off of back at home. We’ll go to whatever lengths necessary to see this happen (even if that means taking the occasional pie to the face). Kidtown isn’t simply childcare while parents are taught in the main gatherings, but each Sunday is intentionally leveraged to teach your children all about who God is and what God has done.

If you’re a parent, Kidtown wants to do more than watch your kids, we want to help you lead your family. If you’d like more information, please feel free to come visit us on Sunday.