Thoughts from Two Notch's Fall Retreat

We interviewed Mazie Jasper, a missionary member of our Two Notch church, about her experience at Two Notch's College Retreat this past weekend. Find out more about our Two Notch church on their page.

How long have you been a part of our Two Notch church?

I have been a part of our Two Notch church since February. We had our first ever 3 Ministries 1 God event during this month. This event is where 3 ministries (Impact, Younglife, and Midtown Two Notch) come together around the truth that we are three ministries, with one God. We had one of these in February and one in March and our church started having regular services from there.

What made you want to go on Two Notch’s Fall Retreat?

I LOVE retreats! I’ve been going to this retreat for the past 3 years with IMPACT. I’ve loved it each time. We have a ton of fun. We go to a few sessions, have worship, chill on the beach, eat great food, and enjoy being family! I also thought it was really neat that Two Notch got to be over planning for our sermons and worship.  This was our first time ever being able to do that.  So honored that we GOT to be a part of this. Grace!

What was this trip like?

The trip was AMAZING! It was at Myrtle Beach. This by far, was the best retreat I’ve ever been on. I loved how close everyone was. It was really neat seeing people come together from different places and treat one another as if they have known them for years. There was so much love. One cool experience on this trip was when a large group of people joined together on the beach and worshipped God. It was incredibly powerful.

What was your favorite part of the trip?

My favorite part of the trip was being able to spend time with everyone. It was a gift to have a whole entire weekend to hang out, process sermons together, eat, go to the beach, etc. I love spending time with my brothers and sisters. We are always laughing and our conversations are so life-giving.

I saw God use the trip in some great ways. I witnessed God drawing my LifeGroup even closer together. A group of guys in our Impact and Two Notch family spent time outside of the sermon in a group processing and praying for each other. I thought that was amazing. God gave all of us some new connections and life-long friends. We are all thankful.

Overall, this trip pointed us back to the gospel in our sessions. We were challenged to think of the idols that we have in our life and how we should run to the fountain that truly satisfies. I truly enjoyed this retreat.