#JesusAndDemons, Next Sunday at the Gathering

In the gospel of Luke that we're currently studying, Jesus has dozens of interactions with Satan, demons, and the demonic. For many of us today, this strikes us as odd because we don't often (or ever) think we've experienced anything clearly demonic.

So, when it comes to the subject of Satan and demons, most of us have a lot of questions. Why do we not feel like we experience the demonic like the people in the bible do? Are we blind to it? Does Satan work differently today than he did then?

To add to the confusion, we're coming up on the Halloween season, which sometimes is the time of year that people get obsessed or entertained by things that are or seem demonic in nature.

To help, we'll be tackling the subject of Satan & demons next Sunday at the Gathering as part of our Luke series. We want the sermon to be as helpful as possible, so we'll be taking your questions into consideration as we craft the sermon, and will have some Q&A time at the end of the sermon to answer any additional important questions.

Ways to Participate:

There are two different ways to submit your questions:

  1. Twitter & Facebook. You can submit any question you have on Twitter or Facebook by including the hashtag #JesusAndDemons. Just make sure your privacy settings are public enough for us to see them (Tweets "unprotected" on Twitter, and by selecting "Public" on the drop down when you post to Facebook).
  2. Email us. If you'd rather not post your question on Twitter or Facebook, or you want your question to remain anonymous, feel free to email us your question. Just include #JesusAndDemons in the subject line.