Text in Your Marriage Questions

We want our our new sermon series, A Marriage You'd Actually Want, to be as helpful as possible. In an effort to do just that, we wanted to make it possible for anyone and everyone to text in their questions about all things marriage (that includes singleness, sex, sexual abuse, porn, parenting, and anything else that relates to marriage). During three specific weeks of the series, we'll pick some of the questions you text in and answer them live from stage.

You might be asking, "how do I participate in such a wonderful thing?"

Here's your answer:

Text the word MARRIAGE followed by your question, to the number 411-247.

And don't worry: this isn't a ploy to get your mobile number and annoy the snot out of you. At the most you'll receive one follow up text, just to let you know we received your question, and then you'll never hear from us again. The texting is just one-way.

Feel free to send in as many questions as you like. Even if your question doesn't get answered in this series, it may help us to know how and what to teach in future sermon series.

Happy txting!