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For those of you who missed the sermon on Sunday, or couldn't get enough of the sermon on Sunday, here's a recap of the sermon, "Servant Lovers." This sermon is part of our series, A Marriage You'd Actually Want. Intro Video


"The bible is probably more comfortable talking about sex than most of us are."

"Almost everybody knows God's rules about sex, but almost nobody knows the glorious reasons that he has them."

"Sex is a physical picture of the marriage covenant that communicates 'all of me belongs to all of you, forever."

"Since sex is a picture of oneness, sex outside of marriage is not just wrong, it's a lie."

"Sex is the physical expression of the covenant of marriage."

"Sex is a picture that points to the union between Christ and his Church in heaven."

"Sin is always the problem in sex. You don't primarily need better technique. You need Jesus."

"Until Jesus is in view and we see our need for him, we can't even see the goodness that sex was meant to be."

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