Join the Production Team

Every Sunday, a group of people arrive to the Gathering a couple hours early and passionately see to it that all the details and people are in place to make our Sunday Gatherings a success. We love our production team, because they love to lead our family in making our Gatherings happen. But in order to understand why we love our production team, you should know a few other things. We do not consider what we do on Sundays the most important thing we do as a church, but we do take Sundays seriously and desire to see people worship the Lord and come to know Him. With that being the case, we want make every effort to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and clearly communicating the Gospel.

We do not believe that perfect lighting and  a cool graphic on the screen will bring people to Jesus, but we do believe that spending time making those things good will help make an atmosphere for people to feel comfortable at the Gathering. So in every postion from Sound Engineering or fading the lighting, to putting scripture on the screen, we are passionate about our production team.

We would love to have more help in this area, and all areas of production. Since we have two locations and so many Gatherings each Sunday, we are constantly looking for more volunteers to help each week. Here's a list of the available positions:

  • Producer: Oversees all audio/visual elements on Sundays. This person directly oversees and leads all other positions on the Production. They are ultimately responsible for how everything goes during a Gathering.
  • Sound Engineer: Responsible for set-up, sound check, and maintaining comfortable and clear audio levels at gatherings (some experience required).
  • ProPresenter: Responsible for the display of all on-screen elements at Sunday gatherings. This person is in charge of cueing all slides and videos during the services.
  • Lighting Tech: Responsible for stage and crowd lighting at Sunday gatherings. This person works in conjunction with the ProPresenter and the band to make sure that lighting is at comfortable levels depending on the feel of the song/speaker and how much light is necessary for the room.
If you've got a passion for using technology to worship Jesus, and a willingness to learn, we'd love to have you as part of our production team.

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