Best First Week Ever

Every year when USC students arrive on Columbia's campus, Midtown throws a week of amazing events to kick off the school year. This year is no different. For Best First Week Ever 2012 we're bringing free coffee, a dance party, a dodgeball tournament, football and lots of food. A smörgåsbord of goodness and you're invited!

Sunday - College Hangout

Details: frisbee, spikeball, football, music, food, drinks. 8/19/12 || After our 7pm Gatherings, from 8:30-10pm at Strom Field

Monday - Greene Street Day

Details: games, music, costumes, life-sized jenga, cornhole, free shirts, freezie pops 8/20/12 || 1-3pm in front of Russell House

Wednesday - Cool Beans

Details: free coffee from Cool Beans, games outside. 8/22/12 || 8-10pm at Cool Beans

Thursday - Dance Party

Details: Need we say more? DJ'ed by DJ Willdabeast. 8/23/12 || 8-10pm in the Russell House Ballroom C

Friday - Dodgeball Tournament

Details: Bring a team of 5 (or just show up) and throw down. 8/24/12 || 2-4:30 at Blatt Field

If you're in college, you're invited to come hang out with us this week. All of the events are free. Definitely swing by, it will be a lot of fun. Best First Week Ever!