If you believe that you group exists for you and your family, then you will evaluate the success and failure of your group very differently than if you believe your group exists for Jesus and his glory.

Here are some lists to help you analyze whether you believe your LifeGroup exists for you or for Jesus and his kingdom:

My Group is For Me

LifeGroup is a refuge from the world.

I gravitate towards what is easiest and most comfortable.

I evaluate the groups value by how much I perceive to be getting from it.

I resist/resent being asked to change my current life patterns.

If I am busy, then I should not be expected to make time to build with others in the group.

I value my current relationships too much to welcome outsiders because they could mess them up.

Our group will not send people out to plant new groups because we want to stay together.

Group rhythms are good if they fit easily into my life and enhance what is already there.

My Group is for Jesus

LifeGroup is a gospel weapon to engage the world.

I value comfort, but not at the expense of being on mission together.

I evaluate the groups value by how much we are re-orienting our lives to be on mission together.

I expect to change my life patterns in order to build with others.

If I am too busy for church family then I assume I have filled my time with things that Jesus has not truly called me to do.

I value my current relationships so I want outsiders to benefit from them as well.

Our group loves each other but values the advancement of the kingdom more, so we send members out to plant new groups.

Group rhythms are good if they help us share life and provide non-threatening environments to invite outsiders into.