Starting on April 23, all three of our churches will start a series called Home. Home is a six week series looking at God’s intentions for using our homes and families as tools for the advancement of His Kingdom. Our goal is to help our church family understand how God repurposes our homes, families, and relationships to help reconcile people back to himself. Join us for our new sermon series, "Home".


Study guides

To help facilitate LifeGroup discussion we'll be posting resources for each week of the series. 

Week 1: Theology of Home (Study Guide)

Week 2: Togetherness (Study Guide)

Week 3: The Home in the Hands of a Loving God  (Study Guide)

Week 4: Dads, Moms, and Arrows (Study Guide)

Week 5: Brought Up in the Instruction of the Lord (Study Guide)

Week 6: (Downtown / Two Notch) Make Columbia Home (Study Guide)

Week 6: (Lexington) Make Columbia Home (Study Guide)

Kidtown Homelinks

Homelinks are a tool used to connect parents and their children by helping them review what's being taught on Sundays, we'll be posting one for each week of the series. 

Week 1: (Homelink - 4/23/17)

Week 2: (Homelink - 4/30/17)

Week 3: (Homelink - 5/7/17)

Week 4: (Homelink - 5/14/17)

Week 5: (Homelink - 5/21/17)

Week 6: (Homelink - 5/28/17)


additional resources

We're really excited to see our family of churches learn to be hospitable and inviting to others as we walk through this content together. Throughout the series we'll be posting blogs to help enrich our understanding of the Gathering material and what we discuss in our LifeGroups.