How We Plan Music at a Gathering

Jay Hendricks is one of our pastors and oversees all of our music & production at the Gathering. In this post, he walks us through how he laid out the music for this past week's Gathering.

Our desire in planning each gathering is to remind ourselves of the truth of the Gospel. We want to, as much as possible, center ourselves as a people on the foundation of truth of what Jesus has done for us.

This week we opened with a confession in the first verse of Made Alive:

I once was dead in sin, alone and hopeless, a child of wrath I walked condemned in darkness 

We taste the sweetness of the gospel by remembering our need for it.

With Come and Stand Amazed we walked through the entirety of the story of the gospel.

From the God's plan to reconcile to Jesus' birth:

See how God is reconciled! See his plans of love accomplished, See his gift, this newborn child."

To Jesus' life death and resurrection:

Jesus Christ our Lord of heaven Laid his life down for our sins Put on flesh, to save the wicked Became sin, to call us His. On the Cross, hung restoration On the Cross, our debt was paid See him buried as a dead man See him risen from grave"

Then, by singing In Tenderness, we proclaim that Jesus, even though we were still sinners (Romans 5:6-8), sought after us, like lost sheep, to bring us back to His fold:

In tenderness He sought me Weary and sick with sin And on His shoulders brought me Back to His fold again…

Oh the love that sought me Oh the blood that bought me Oh the grace that brought me to the fold of God Grace that brought me to the fold of God"

As we continue to walk through the story of the gospel we end by acknowledging, with The Highest, the greatness and glory of God, that:

All of creation cries out, Glory to God the highest

We join in creation by lifting up the name of Jesus and giving glory to our Father.

To see the full set list from Sunday and listen to each song in its entirety, view the Gathering Recap.