midtown original

We Sing by Midtown Music

We're very proud to release an original song from Midtown Music called "We Sing." To celebrate, you can download the song for free


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Despite our failures, You have made us new Despite our fear, Your promise is still true We run away, but God, You still pursue You still pursue

Your grace and presence satisfy our souls Your mercy, Lord, alone can make us whole We always change, but God You stay the same You stay the same

Even in the darkest days, Oh God, no You will not delay Forevermore our lips will praise Your name

We sing to You for all the grace You give It’s by Your blood; it’s by the cross we live For You have taken all the pain that we deserve So we lift our hands to You, our hearts to You oh Lord.

We sing Holy, Jesus You're worthy of Honor and praise, we lift up Your name.