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|giv| Money | Blue Skies Retreats

In April 2014, Allen and Courtney Tipping received news that their four year old daughter Zoe had a Wilms' tumor, diagnosed as Stage IV cancer. In the midst of a whirlwind of a emotions, Courtney heard about Blue Skies Retreats, a ministry serving families dealing with pediatric cancer. Allen and Courtney's experience at the camp was one of the most welcoming, hospitable, refreshing experiences they were a part of during Zoe's treatment. Blue Skies is a Jesus-centered camp that provides a hassle-free environment for families in the midst of treatment to get away and have fun together. Everything is taken care of while there, from meals to activities to laundry.

While they experienced Blue Skies Retreats, Allen and Courtney couldn't help but think of the countless families they know from the hospital clinic that would love to go to Blue Skies, but don't have the means to get there.

So as part of our |giv| series this year, we want to provide $10,000 to pay for 10+ families to travel to Blue Skies Retreats, where they can relax, be served and cared for, and hear about the good news of Jesus.

We'd love for you to partner with us as we respond to God's generosity with generosity of our own.


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