Reading Plan

How to Study the Bible

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As God’s people, we want to be guided by His Word and empowered by His Spirit to be a Jesus-centered family on mission.

As you prepare to study God’s Word, take a moment to stop, take a deep breath, and ask God to speak to you through His Word. This little moment of preparation reminds us that reading the Bible is a sacred act in which we invite God to speak to us.

1. Read

Then, as you read through the passage, make a note of anything that pops out to you or raises a question in you. Try not to get fixated on one phrase or verse, just make a note of it. After reading through the passage once, read through the passage once or twice more, this time thinking about what stands out in this passage and what impression it leaves on you. Reading out loud can be helpful too, as it can help us understand what we’re reading and help us process each verse of the passage.

2. Reflect

Now that you’ve read the passage through multiple times, take time to reflect on what you’ve just read, using either a journal or a note-taking app that you can read again in the future. As you reflect on the passage, try thinking through these two questions:

  • What does this passage reveal to us about God?

  • What does this passage reveal to us about people?

 3. Respond

After reflecting on the passage, it’s time to respond. Every part of Scripture is inspired by God Himself, and a message so perfect and powerful demands a response from us. So, in light of the truth you’ve just read, consider these two questions: 

  • What’s this passage calling me to do today?

  • What’s this passage calling me to pray for today?

We don’t expect that our lives will be radically changed every time we read our Bible. But we do know that we are becoming a more faithful people every time we open our Bibles. This is a discipline which will slowly transform us as we consistently study God’s Word. If we dig deeper in our reflections by applying God’s Word in specific ways, we can respond through repentance and live differently today. Even when we have more questions than answers, try asking your brothers and sisters in Christ what they think, and seek answers in other passages of the Bible. Although we don’t have all the answers yet, we believe that God provides truthful teaching and guidance for us through His Word, and we know that He will work miracles in us and through us as we continue to abide in His Word.

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