Living on Mission

Sermon Recap | Philippi

1. There is no “type” of person who becomes a Christian

The good news brings people together. A wealthy businesswoman, a poor slave girl, and a blue-collar ex-soldier become the church in Philippi. This is the power of what Jesus has done for us on the cross. He brings people together in a way that defies race, socioeconomics, background, and aptitudes. The good news of Jesus has the power to change and transform human beings from the inside out and to make people the family of God. 

2. God uses different methods to reach different people

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to evangelism and sharing our faith. God uses different means for different people who are coming from different places and backgrounds. 

The book, I Once Was Lost, is helpful in noting some common stages that many people go through on the path to becoming a Christian:

  1. trusted a Christian 

  2. interested (not shutting down conversation)

  3. considering (actually open to changing their life)

  4. placed faith in Jesus

3. Prayer is the most important part of the mission
If you talk to people about Jesus more than you talk to Jesus about people, you are doing it wrong.