Helpful Resource for Anthology: The Bible Project

Hey, my name is David Leggett and I'm one of our teaching team residents. Being a part of teaching team has been an incredibly humbling experience for me, mainly because I came into this year of residency thinking I knew my way around the Bible fairly well. But over the past year, I’ve been shown again and again that I know much less about the Bible than I previously thought. 

The more I've learned about the Bible, the more I've realized just how much I don't know. It seems like the only way to get all of the necessary information to really understand scripture is to get a seminary degree and that's 1.) not something God’s leading me to pursue right now and 2.) factually inaccurate. There's actually great, free resources available for Christians to grow in understanding of the Bible.

One of the most helpful tools I've found is the work the guys are doing over at the Bible Project. They’re creating short five minute videos for individual books and sections of the Bible. These videos give simple, useful background information; a brief introduction to the author and setting; as well as explaining the big picture of the text; the style and the narrative arc. Armed with these videos, I’m much more equipped to understand the individual passages I’m studying.

Videos For You To Watch

From Bible Project, check out these videos for context on what we’ve seen so far in Anthology and as we move through the series, we’ll continue to point you to more videos to help us learn to love the stories of God.