How to Study the Bible with Others

So much of becoming a compelling person for Jesus happens within the context of community. This means our spiritual disciplines are happening both on our own and with others, including meditating on God’s Word. 

The following is a variation of how to study the Bible on your own, (which you can find here). Next to each portion, you’ll find a recommended allotment of time. This totals up to one hour.

As you walk through this, pick a group leader to keep track of the time for each section. Have your group leader read each section out loud to guide the group.

Read the passage

5 minutes total

As you read through the passage, make a note of anything that pops out to you or raises a question. Try not to get fixated on one phrase or verse, just make a note of it. After reading through the passage once, read through the passage once or twice more, this time thinking about what stands out in this passage and what impression it leaves on you. Reading out loud can be helpful too, as it can help us understand what we’re reading and help us process each verse of the passage.


20 minutes total

Now that you’ve read the passage through multiple times, take time to reflect on what you’ve just read, using either a journal or a note-taking app that you can read again in the future. 

Write out the passage in your own words and include any observations you have - 10 minutes

Such questions you can ask are:

  • What does this passage reveal to us about God?

  • What does this passage reveal to us about people?

Write any applications - 10 minutes

Such application questions you can ask are:

  • What’s this passage calling me to do today?

  • What’s this passage calling me to pray for today?


35 minutes total

After reflecting on the passage, it’s time to respond. Every part of Scripture is inspired by God Himself, and a message so perfect and powerful demands a response from us. 

What observations and applications did everyone write down? - 10 minutes

Spend some time praying out loud for our application. - 10 minutes

How else can we be praying for one another? Let’s spend some time praying out loud for each other now. - 7 minutes

Who are the people we’re building with and praying for? Let’s spend some time praying out loud for them now, asking the Spirit to work in us and through us - 8 minutes