Gatherings on October 11

In light of the flooding this past week in our area, we wanted to give members of all of our churches an update on our plans for this coming Sunday, October 11.


The auditorium and Kidtown facilities were completely unaffected, but there was a good bit of flooding in the basement, ruining most everything in the Connect Hall, restrooms, and overflow room. We've been working to have the basement drained and cleaned up, but since our restrooms are located down there, we will not be able to host Gatherings this Sunday.

Instead, we're encouraging everyone to gather in LifeGroups. Hear about what we're encouraging our LifeGroups to do with the time they would have been attending Gatherings on Sunday.

Two Notch

In light of the affected areas, we will not host Gatherings at Two Notch either. Find out what we're encouraging our Two Notch LifeGroups to do instead.


Our Lexington facilities were largely unaffected by the flooding, so we will resume Gatherings at 10:00am as usual. Find out about Lexington Gatherings.