Why Chris is Excited about Easter Gathering

During the next two weeks leading up to our Easter Gathering, our pastors will be posting why they are personally excited about Easter Gathering. For more information, head over to the Easter Gathering page.

I am probably most excited to hear story after story of Jesus transforming people's lives.  The Easter Gathering is such an incredible experience because it reminds me that everyone has an amazing story of sin and Jesus' grace in our lives.

It's like watching a bunch of movies with a redemption story back to back.  In every one of them, sin ruled their life and then the grace of Jesus triumphs. The worst sin problem they had prior to become a Christian is revealed and there is no longer any need to hide that and pretend that they are fine...because Jesus performed on their behalf and they are credited with His righteousness.

So each story where a once thief, horrible spouse, liar, and/or porn addict are radically changed helps enhance our perception of the gospel. And we get to witness, standing right before us, a new creation (not a perfect one) and the story that goes along with them of how God has poured His grace on them. And then they are baptized. Boom!

Happy Easter!

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