Why Bailey is Excited about Easter Gathering

During the next two weeks leading up to our Easter Gathering, our pastors will be posting why they are personally excited about Easter Gathering. For more information, head over to the Easter Gathering page.

Typically, I am a man of too many words. I like to talk and because of this I will often answer a question with a paragraph that should be answered in a sentence. That being said, why am I excited about Easter?

One word: Jesus.

I know that sounds cliche. I can hear the cynicism now. “Oh, of course, pastor. You’re excited about Easter because of Jesus.” Cliche as my answer may sound, it’s true.

Easter is the day where all of my attention gets focused on Jesus’ empty tomb. He’s not there. He is risen. Jesus isn’t dead. Jesus is alive! And His resurrection is the best news my ears have ever heard!

For Christians, much of the emphasis of the gospel gets placed on Jesus’ sacrificial death for our sins. This is certainly the case for a good reason. We desperately need atonement to be made for all the ways we have turned from God. But, the resurrection, Jesus’ victorious life, is what makes it all possible. Without it, there is really no gospel at all!

In 1 Corinthians 15:14, Paul puts it like this, “And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins.” His point is that Jesus’ resurrection is what seals the deal. The empty tomb is the proof that the debt of our sin has been paid. The resurrection is essential to the gospel message because its our assurance that our justification through Christ has been accomplished.

Throughout my life, I’ve often struggled with depression - a pervading sense that all hope is lost and my sins, my struggles, and my sufferings just cannot be conquered. But the message of Easter is that these things aren’t true! Because Jesus is alive, I have hope! I have hope that my sins, my struggles, and my sufferings aren’t insurmountable. They aren’t the final word on my life. If God is powerful enough to raise Jesus from the dead, then whatever I’m going through, however bleak it might seem, it isn’t beyond His ability to forgive, heal, and even use for His glory.

If the tomb is empty, life doesn’t look so bleak anymore. As matter fact, its full of promise and assurance that God is after my good and will take care of me no matter what!

So, why am I excited about Easter? Jesus. Because of Jesus.

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