How to Empower People in Your Group


Eric Freeman, the author of this post, is a resident at Midtown Fellowship. To find out more about our leadership, visit our Leadership page.

At a recent LifeGroup leader meeting, we had a “choose your own adventure” time where we listened to insight from different pastors about things we might be dealing with in our groups and how to handle them. We received a ton of great feedback from these short and practical talks, and in case you missed any, we recorded them and will release them as a resource for you and your group! The first is about how to empower people in your group.

Leading a LifeGroup can sometimes feel like you are swimming alone in a sea of expectations, being battered by the waves of responsibility and duty to your group. There are so many details and intricacies to leading a LifeGroup that it can feel overwhelming when doing it all on your own.

In Exodus 18:13-23, Moses was confronted by his father-in-law for putting all the pressure to lead in every aspect on himself and almost burning himself out. There were people all around him with gifts from the Lord who, if equipped based on what they have been blessed with, could help share in the responsibility and accomplish the twofold goal of personal and community growth.

As leaders it is our goal to push those in our groups to grow and take ownership while the group as a whole grows. As Kent (one of our pastors) said,

"No one can do everything, but everyone can do something."

It is our job to get to know the folks in our group and learn what they’re good at so we can give them responsibilities that will help both them and our groups grow. Give it a listen to learn how!