Global Missions: Thoughts from Argentina

This year we sent missionary members to four different locations across the globe to love and serve together. When the final team returned to Columbia for the summer, we interviewed team members from each trip, in order to celebrate with them all that Jesus accomplished through the trips.


We interviewed missionary member Marcus Richardson about his trip to Pila, Argentina.

What inspired you to go on the trip?

I love Latin America and the Lord has given me heart for the people, language and culture. I had never done a construction trip before but when i heard of this ministry's needs and their hearts for having a healthy church in a small community I felt I needed to be a part of whatever the Lord was going to do.

What was life like in Argentina?

Argentina is mix of European and Latin culture and feel. Pila is a small town in the Buenos Aires Province. Going from downtown Buenos Aires to country side Pila is like going from New York City to Columbia. Life is just slower and simpler and the people are kind and welcoming.

What types of things did you do while you were there?

In Pila we worked with some of the men from the church to build the roof and paint the building that they will use for Sunday services. We also lived with host families and it was great chance to fellowship with Argentine brothers and sisters and also put Christ on display for their friends and family who do not know the Lord.

What was the best part of the trip?

I would say lunches and dinners. Not only was the food great but it was also a time for our team to come together from what ever we had been working on during the day. Our team laughed and joked and sang so much that every time we came together with the church members it was like a party. There was so much joy!

What was the hardest part of the trip?

Going on a trip like this is always great because we are removed from our everyday distractions. Without those distractions, when the Lord speaks to us (like He always does), we can't distract or busy ourselves so we are given this beautiful and difficult opportunity to see and evaluate our sin without text messages, Netflix or emails. This is always hard, but so very good.

What did God teach you during the trip?

I think the Lord reminded me that He desires and can love me and wants to have a personal relationship with me. I spend a lot of time meeting with people and reading books and Scripture for others and its very easy to believe the lie that the Lord just wants to use me to express His love for others but He is to busy to share and express that same love to me. Wrong.

Yes, we are to be used by the Lord and to put His love on display for others and we can because He has poured and does pour that same love out on us. He knows us by name and draws close to each and everyone of us. He is capable of loving us all fully.