Get Your Potluck On

Our Baptism Party is coming up quickly on November 17 at the Devine Street Campus. As part of the celebration we are throwing a potluck-style brunch (after the 10:00am Gathering) and brinner (after the 6:00pm Gathering). Eating together is a great way to show that Jesus has made us a big family, and a great way to welcome our guests to let them see what family is like.

Li'l Help Please

This is where we need your help. We are asking people to bring food to help with brunch and/or brinner. To help us coordinate, we have created a quick form to fill out. We'd love for there to be more than enough food there for us and our guests, and if we all chip in to bring our award-winning dishes, it'll be a great time with bacon and pancakes for all.

Take a second now to fill out the form, and we'll contact you soon with more details.

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