Celebrate, Pray, & Move to Main

Well, that didn’t take long. Last June we met for the first time in our new Devine Street Campus.  We were able to fit 300 seats in the building, an improvement to the 215 seats in the auditorium at the our former location, the State Museum. In seven short months, we are already out of space at Devine Street.

On January 27 we had 850 total people in attendance at our Devine Street Campus alone, with only 900 total seats. The 11:15 Gathering was especially full and our Host Team had to pull out extra chairs to try and accommodate everyone.

In light of this, we’d like to ask you to do a few things:

  1. Celebrate. We love what Jesus is doing in our church family so I am grateful that more people want to get involved. God has been really good to us as a church and we want to continue to celebrate together.
  2. Pray. It looks like our stay in our current Devine Street facilities won’t be for as long as we had anticipated. We are already looking for other spaces to host our Gatherings. But as you know, finding locations to accommodate our Gatherings at an affordable price has always been a challenge for us. Will you pray about this for our church, as God reminds you?
  3. Consider attending Main Street. We'd like to invite those of you who have been at Devine Street to consider hopping over to our Main Street campus. We know the 5:00pm Gathering time won’t work for some people, but if you can make it work it would be very helpful. You would be opening up a seat at Devine Street for someone new and Main Street has some seats available right now. Additionally, Main Street has the capacity to expand to two Gatherings if necessary, whereas Devine Street is at capacity Devine Street with hosting 3 Gatherings already. Two gatherings at Main Street would give us 800 seats there to go along with 900 seats at Devine. Strategically, switching to Main Street would be a small move with missional implications, since it would be opening up seats at more ideal times for new people. Would you and your family consider shifting over to Main Street?

Most importantly, we speak for all of our pastors when we say that we love you guys and it is an honor to be church family with you. Thanks for all you do to lift up Jesus in Columbia.