What is the Extended Family program?

This program is designed for those not in Columbia, but who still want to keep up with our family of churches. We know that many people aren't able to be physically present with us, but would still like to be in-the-loop on things.

Who should join our Extended Family?

  1. Sent Midtown people. Being in a college town, we have a turnover of about 30% each year, with a number of them going to be Jesus-centered missionaries in other cities. Many of them want to keep up with what Jesus is doing in and through Midtown, even if they can't be a part of our church family directly in Columbia.
  2. Parents of college students. God has given us favor with a large amount of college students. Every year a new group of college students joins the church family, and often their parents love to know about the church and ways to partner with us to love, serve and disciple their student.
  3. Anyone who's interested. If you want to be a part of what Jesus is doing in Columbia, and are passionate about joining with us to see that happen, being a Midtown Partner is for you.

How do I benefit from becoming a Midtown Partner?

Once you sign up you will receive updates periodically on what God is doing here. The updates range from videos to photos to written updates to help you join with us in celebrating what Jesus is doing in and through our church.

What do I have to do?

Simply fill out the form below to join.

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