Sermon Recap | The Only Reason a Marriage Fails

For those of you who missed the sermon on Sunday, or couldn't get enough of the sermon on Sunday, here's a recap of the sermon, "The Only Reason a Marriage Fails." This sermon is part of our series, A Marriage You'd Actually Want. Intro Video


"Sin is the only reason a marriage fails. Sin enters the relationship, and people don't know what to do with it."

"Adam blame-shifted his sin in the garden, and spouses have been blame-shifting their sin ever since."

"Apart from Jesus, you will either take revenge on other people's sin or sweep it under the rug. Neither one helps."

"The cross of Jesus allows us to take sin seriously, while still extending forgiveness and grace."

"A sinful response to sin is still sin."

"Your spouse doesn't make you sin; they only expose the sin that was already there."

"When you own your sin and treat it as the primary problem in your marriage, conflict starts melting away."

"You do damage to your marriage and confuse your spouse if you only confess sin and never repent of it."

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