Sermon Recap | The Most Important Day of Your Marriage

For those of you who missed the sermon on Sunday, or couldn't get enough of the sermon on Sunday, here's a recap of the sermon, "The Most Important Day of Your Marriage." This sermon is the final part of our series, A Marriage You'd Actually Want. Tweetables

"Everyone thinks about the first day of marriage, but nobody thinks about the last day."

"Every marriage ends. The question is 'how will it end?' What will be the legacy of your marriage?"

"Marriage is temporary. It is a symbol of something that will exist fully in heaven."

"Marriage is a shadow. It points to something better and more real than itself."

"The marriage of Christ to his Church is ultimately the marriage that we'd all actually want."

"Don't waste your marriage. Don't spend it all thinking that it's all about you and your spouse. It's not."


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