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The Vision

Our goal is to simplify and amplify Midtown’s opportunities to serve and build relationships with the most vulnerable people of our city as well as the people who regularly serve them.

With each partnership, we intend to serve their clients, bless their staff, and ultimately benefit the mission of each organization. We have a team dedicated to planning events, maintaining communication, and overseeing the mission. On the off months when we have no big events planned, we want to bless staff and clients with catered lunches, encouraging notes, and other simple ways to show that we care. The goal of Serve the City is to become more efficient and effective in our efforts to serve the most vulnerable people in the Columbia metro area. Each January our family of churches rallies around all of our Serve the City partners for a Serve the City Weekend. Throughout the weekend we'll serve with all of our partners around the city. 

Partner Organizations:

  • Transitions - Serving residents who find themselves in a homeless situation.

  • Home Works for America - Serving the poor, widowed and elderly in our community with home repairs that they are unable to accomplish on their own.

  • The Ezekiel Center - Serving at-risk youth who attend the EZ center for afterschool help.

  • DSS - Serving clients (families, children and foster parents) who are in the foster care and adoptions system.

  • Epworth Children’s Home - Serving residents (kids) who have temporarily or permanently been removed from their homes.

  • Carver-Lyon Elementary - Serving students struggling with reading at an inner-city school near Two-Notch road. Sign up to help here.

Upcoming Opportunities:


To kick off 2018, we are asking everyone to participate in Serve the City Weekend. Serve the City Weekend starts on Friday, January 12 and concludes on Monday, January 15. Throughout the weekend, we'll join together to rally, serve, party, and celebrate.